Nokia CK 10 - 3. Usage

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3. Usage

To switch your car kit on and off, turn the ignition key. If a mobile phone is in the
phone holder and connected to the car kit, the indicator light on the built-in
microphone turns on to show that the car kit is active. When you disconnect the
mobile phone, the indicator light turns off.

If the car kit is connected to the car battery directly (i.e. without connection to a
suitable 12-V line controlled by the ignition key), insert a compatible mobile
phone into the phone holder to turn the car kit on. To switch it off, simply remove
the mobile phone (check the type of installation).

Note: For safety reasons and to prevent accidental draining of the car
battery, do not leave your mobile phone in the phone holder when
leaving the vehicle.

If you are using a holder with the possibility to connect a system cable, place the
mobile phone into the holder. If it is not possible to connect a cable to the holder,
plug the system cable into the phone.

Remove the phone from the holder to stop hands-free mode operation. If
necessary, disconnect the cable from the phone first.

For details on using the features of the mobile phone, see the user guide of your
mobile phone.