Nokia CK 10 - Power cable CA-60P

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Power cable CA-60P

Plug the power cable into the corresponding port of the hands-free unit. The wires
in the cable harness are to be connected as shown in the wiring diagram.

1. Connect the black wire to the vehicle ground (GND).

2. Connect the yellow wire to the MUTE connection of the car radio. When a call

is accepted, the car kit switches the yellow line (MUTE) to ground, muting the
car radio. When the call is ended, the yellow line is separated from ground, and
the car radio is unmuted.

If your car radio does not have a mute connection, this line may remain
unconnected. In this case, your car radio is not muted automatically during a

An additional relay can be installed to switch the hands-free unit to the
loudspeakers of the car using the yellow line.

3. Connect the red wire to a suitable 12-V line controlled by the ignition key

using the 2-A fuse supplied (terminal 15, ignition sense cable, IGNS). When
you turn on the ignition of your car, you automatically switch on the car kit.
When the ignition is turned off, the car kit is deactivated. Note, however, that
this does not automatically turn the mobile phone in the phone holder on or
off, respectively.
Some vehicles do not come with such a possibility. In this case the car kit can
be connected to the positive terminal of the 12-V car battery using the 2-A
fuse supplied. If the car kit is installed in this way, it stays in service as long as
a compatible mobile phone remains in the phone holder.

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Note: Replace a blown fuse with a fuse of the same type and size. Never
use a fuse with a higher rating.