Nokia CK 10 - Overview

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The following lists the car kit components (1-7) and optional enhancements (8-
12) that may be available to extend your car kit.

1. Hands-free unit HF-7 with built-in microphone

2. Mounting plate HH-8 to mount the hands-free unit

3. Loudspeaker SP-3

4. System cable CA-46 to connect a compatible phone holder to the hands-free


5. System cable CA-47 to connect a compatible mobile phone directly to the

hands-free unit

6. Power cable CA-60P to connect the hands-free unit to the 12-V car battery

7. Washer HH-9 to mount antenna couplers AD-14, AXF-13L or AXF- 15S

8. Additional compatible microphone, e.g. microphone MP-2, for in-car

installation (optional)

9. Antenna coupler to connect an external antenna when using a phone holder


10. Active mobile phone holder to connect a compatible mobile phone (sold


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11. Passive mobile phone holder to install a compatible mobile phone (sold


12. GSM antenna (optional)

Keep all small parts out of reach of small children.